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What is a short bio?
Well, typically, a short bio(graphy) summarizes everything relevant about you into a couple short sentences, in a paragraph or two. If you are a writer or a creative professional, a business man, a researcher or academic, whatever is your field, you need a bio to shortly describe yourself and your work. Your short professional bio is the piece of text that will be visible to everyone that reads your writings, papers, articles, books, reports, etc., or buys your services, to inform them about you.

Why is your short bio so important?
The short bio content could be determinant in the decision of buying your service or reading your publication.
Your short bio can set you apart from all the other professionals; it is an essential element to promote your skills to a community of readers or clients.
A well written short bio does not only inform the reader, but also involves him with your work and often encourages the first contact with your works, products or services.
A good short bio could make readers more interested in your work, and that is why it is determinant to be able to manage and track your short bios, to make them actual, updated, and appellative.
Your short bio goes along with your career!!

What to include in a short bio?
Include your name, profession and position, affiliation, degrees (if applicable), website or blog (if you have one and if applicable), and anything about your career and qualifications relevant for the target reader of your short bio. Include any books you’ve published or awards you’ve won, academic or research interests if applicable, or professional experience otherwise. And do not forget to mention any relevant activities you have organized, or relevant positions or experiences, which might interest the recipients of your text.

How to write a good short bio?
Most people find it difficult to write effectively about them. Summarizing a professional experience in a few well-chosen words is far more difficult than it might appear at first.
There are no rules, just a few hints to drive you!
You should be yourself, write in a style you are comfortable and experienced in, and be simple and honest, so that the short bio builds trust in the mind of reader. Choose carefully the experiences / activities / achievements that are relevant to your target readers, and simultaneously be accurate and objective. The reader wants straightforward information about you and does not need or want every detail of your professional and personal life.
After reading some examples we are sure you will be able to structure a good one.

Should I have different short bios? Why?
Yes, for one side, your short bio should be as up-to-date as possible. On the other side, it should be precise, accurate, and address what is relevant for the community of reader of your short bio. You could have different versions of your short bio, which evolve along time, but also different versions highlighting different aspects of your activity, aligned with the different characteristics of target readers.
For instance, when you write opinion newspaper articles about actuality, politics, economics, fashion, art, etc., and scientific or research papers, you might want to use different short bios, each addressing different aspects of your biography that are more interesting to help the reader to better know you.